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What She Did During A Tire Blowout Actually Saved Her Life

Who would have thought that a father’s advice from a long time ago would be a lifesaver? This was what happened to Hellen Baird when she shared her terrifying tire blowout experience while on the road on her Facebook post last March 11, 2019.

Cause and Effect

Blowouts happen when a tire burst due to cuts or tears which causes a rapid loss of air pressure. There are a lot of factors that cause this thing to happen. They include low tire pressure, overloading, mechanical malfunctions, normal wear and tear, and extreme heat.

Unfortunately, tire blowouts can result in thousands of car accidents that injure and even kill people every year. Baird could be considered one lucky person to survive this kind of accident.

What She Did During A Tire Blowout Actually Saved Her Life 1
Source: Facebook

Her Reaction

While driving at a speed of around 70 mph, Hellen Baird had a blowout on her front side tire. A natural reaction would be to hit the brake but she didn’t. At the back of her mind, she was reminded of a conversation she had with her dad on things that she should do if something like this happens to her.

Her dad’s advice is to stay calm and hold the steering wheel firmly. Do not brake. Hitting the brake hard will cause the car to spin. Try to move the vehicle to a safe place on the road while gradually slowing down. Turn on the hazard lights, get out of the car, and call for assistance. Baird expressed her gratitude to her dad, Alan, and jokingly said that she listened to his advice.

Safety First

We should be extra careful this tire-blowout season when the temperature outside is the hottest. This is also the time of the year when families travel farther with heavily loaded cars going to out-of-town trips and vacations.

Regular preventive maintenance is a must to avoid car accidents. It is always wise to follow the car manufacturer’s safety standards. Yes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Source: Facebook

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